Team Cookie Monsters

Red Wedge

Our featherweight robot started life as a father son project, where Dad did all the work lol! It's powered by 4 drill motors and sabretooth motor controllers. The body shell is 6mm interlocking aluminium, cut by hand by Simon, the sides have slightly cirved side 'bumpers' to help stop it getting stuck on its side when it gets flipped.

To be fair, he isn't brilliant, at the time of creation, we just wanted a small robot we could attend featherweight events with to get us back out in to the live circuit, he failed to make any impact and suffered several teething problems. We plan on overhauling him over the next few months and taking him out to a few featherweight events.

The name is based on the Star Wars character Wedge Antilles who flew with Red Squadron and was referred to as Red Two, reasoning, the robot is a wedge shape, he's red and he works no matter which of his two sides are in contact with the floor. The name has absolutely nothing to do with a collective of 1980's musicians who attempted to engage young people with politics in general, and the policies of the Labour Party in particular, during the period leading up to the 1987 general election, in the hope of ousting the Conservative government. Absolutely not at all ;)