UK Robotic Games 2005

After Techno Games, Buoyant hung from the ceiling in our front room, then came the UK Robotic Games, so we got Buoyant down from his place hanging from the ceiling, assuming that we just had to charge his batteries and we would be off :) However, things didn't go according to plan. See Buoyants evolution section for details.

After the adjustments, and after my socks had dried out, and we'd charged Buoyant's batteries we set off for Birmingham University. We were not at all confident since we hadn't had a full test with the replacement motor controller, just a bench test. However, time had run out and it was sink or swim time, literally.

Upon arrival we had to register, get a tech check done and hand in our transmitter. Then it was off to the pits to be allocated a table and settle in until it was our turn to compete. This gave us ample time to go round and scope out the competition and have a look at the entrants for the other competitions.

Buoyant stormed to the finish line in both his races. James and I accepting the winners Trophy for the swimming on Water. Debs had to take the photos, but we got Professor Martin Smith to drag her out to accept a winners medal. At the end of the first race Buoyant's floats became detached, fortunately we had some 5 minute epoxy resin to stick them back on with, its a good job that it was quick drying because the next race was only 10 minutes later! Below is some footage Debs took of Buoyant swimming to victory, pretty good we think and he didn't capsize at the end this time!

UK Robotic Games 2006

Although not directly assocaited with Buoyant, he is the reason that we ended up taking part again in the 2005 UK Robotic Games, Simon became obsessed with the Biped Walkers and wanted to create a walking robot of his own, so he began working on a biped that we christened Digit. It was a good job we did as it turned out the new location of the games didn't have a pool so there was no swimming events taking place.

Everytime we do an event we seem to be working right up to the night before we leave and the 2006 Robotic Games was the same, right to the last Simon had to tweak and change things. There was a last minute adding of stiffeners to his chassis which changed Digit's centre of gravity, and meant Simon had to re write all the PIC coding tables, but in the end we were quietly pleased and hopeful of doing quite well. To see how well Digit did see the Digit page.

Buoyant Evo 3 is currently on loan to Derby Silk Mill Museum of Making (March 2016 - Current).