In the early days we were known as 'Team Rock n Roll', back then the team consisted of Simon, Debs and James.

This version of the team took part in Robot Wars Series 6 and Extreme II with Chompalot, and Techno Games and the UK Robotic Games with Buoyant.

James left the team around 2007, to get on with being a teenager and food eating monkey, and now he's now practicing to be a stepdad and working as an IT bod in a school local to him, he's also now well over 6ft!

Simon and Debs continued to do live events but decided to change the name of the team to the current team name 'Team Cookie Monsters', a play on the fact that they're called Cook, Debs 'pet' name for Simon is Cookie and they make monster robots, it has nothing to do with the furry blue dude from Sesame Street.

The team still play with robots, and they are both still very much scifi geeks, both of them are currently exploring the applications of arduino code, working on some new robot projects. During our 'break' from robots Simon got a degree in Engineering and got an A with distinction. Debs carved out a career as a herb writer and is currently writing two books on herbs and herbal history.

As for roles in the team, Simon is the Team Captain, he's also the driver, engineer and the guy who does all the hard work. Debs is the Communications Officer, she's always been more of people person than Simon. Debs is also in charge of weapons and helps make Team Cookie Monsters robots look their best contributing ideas for style and ways of making changes to the robots. She's also the project organiser and does a mean line in lists, targets and is often found armed with a highlighter pen!