Team Cookie Monsters


When Simon saw a video on YouTube of ROFI he knew he had to build one, ROFI is the fifth prototype from Project Biped a collective set up with a goal of developing a dynamically balanced, bipedal, robot that could be built using off the shelf hardware and an inexpensive 3D printer.

The project isn't cheap, to make the 'inexpensive' 3D printer costs about £300 and the components can set you back another £350, but what you end up with is a self-contained, bipedal robot that uses accelerometer feedback to balance itself. It has 12 DOF (degrees of freedom) and can walk around while avoiding obstacles using an ultrasonic range sensor.

A small Android tablet in ROFI's head provides the brains and an Arduino Mega provides the hardware interface. All of the designs, instructions, source code, and parts lists are provided for free on Project Biped's website.

It's been a tricky build and its not yet finished due to the fact that the ultrasonic module that is required to build ROFI is hard to find in the UK and so far we haven't been able to track down an alternative component. So as yet ROFI hasn't taken any steps, not even baby ones!