Our love of robots carries in to all areas, Debs can remember the the first tin robot she was given as a birthday present from her Grandad in the late 1960's and her first robot from the Tomy Omnibot collection called Dingbot, she brought it with her when she moved in and from there the mission became to collect all the Tomy robots.

Debs has a soft spot for Dingbot, a chatty little chap who bumps into obstacles and vears off in an obstacle free direction, whilst holding his little map which when not in use is cleverly contained in his secret compartment in his head! Dingbot hit the stores in 1984 and was apparently based on the film character E.T. and was produced for use in a whisky television commercial in Japan!

You can pretty much guarantee that if a series or movie comes out and it contains a robot it'll wind up on our watch list, our favourite robot has to be R2D2, after Chompie of course! Simon is working on building a replica scale model R2 unit that will be fully functional eventually, unlike the Death Star lol!

The more that technology advances, robots arrive in the home, not in the way we thought they would in our teens, although advancements are being made perpetually. We've added a small robotic hoover to the home, its a big hit with our youngest cat Rosie who likes to sit and watched it trundle along. The hoover itself is not so brilliant though, so at some point in the future we'll have to replace it with one that does a better job.

Simon is looking at making a BB-8 - the new robotic love in Debs life - on the 3D printer, a tall order, especially given he's trying to do it to scale. The small working Chompalot that he's 3D printed is going down a storm with those people that have seen it and there are plans to create replicas of other robots using the 3D printer.

It's hoped that in the very near future both Simon and Debs will be working alongside Derby Silk Mill Museum of Making on a Robot Club project aimed at getting children, especially girls interested in robotics and engineering.