Series1/8 Robot Wars 2016

31/08/2016 - As many of you will know we recently appeared as a competitor on the reboot of Robot Wars with Chompie. When we did our news piece back in January (see below) we'd already been invited to apply to take part in the show, when we gave out the news about our then new Twitter page we were frantically trying to put Chompalot back together for the show. From getting the phone call on the 4th Feb to say we were in, we had just 4 weeks to rebuild, sort out new team togs, and do everything that needed to be done to get a combat robot and team ready for the arena. Since appearing on the TV there has been some comments about the roles of female roboteers on teams by the public, so Debs has addressed this in a piece she;s written on the website, have a read of Herstory Rewritten - A Female Roboteers Perspective. We'll be updating the site very soon with stuff from the show and adding a progress page on the new build in the event we get a second series, which we're all hoping for.

Derby Silk Mill Robot Day 2016

13/03/2016 - We had terrific fun at the first ever Robot Day held at the Silk Mill Museum of Making. We took along several robots including the 3D printed scale model of Chompalot, Granny Weatherwax's head and ROFI, to accompany Dreadnaut XP1 and Buoyant Evo 3 both of whom are now on loan to the Silk Mill.

It was amazing to see children of all ages fascinated by robots, the working Granny head saw children stand and try to copy her movements, which was very intriguing, the children were trying to figure out how Granny was moving. Our involvement in the event was a little last minute, and so our display was rather static, next time we'll have a more interactive display which will hopefully include giving children a chance to drive some mini robots!

There was some interest in the pending Robot Club that will be held in the near future at the Silk Mill. It was nice also to talk to people who watched the original series of Robot Wars and who were looking forward to the new series starting soon. Those that asked loved seeing the damage that Dreadnaut XP1 took during Series 4 of Robot Wars and hearing stories from our time in the Wars. We're really looking forward to next year's event already. If you'd like to see more photos of the day we've added some to Chompalot's Facebook Page.

Debs Gets Creative

10/03/2016 - With her usual flair for shiny details, Debs recently put together a Chompalot style cover for the driving practice robot we have, so that it could be taken along to Robot Day. The cover was constructed from art board, a kitchen roll tube, some dowel, and a couple of small plastic eggs primarily.

It's held together with lots and LOTS of hot glue and was painted with acrylic paint and covered with holographic card to represent Chompie's sticky back plastic covers. Whilst not a scale model of Chompie it is a pretty good representation and brought a smile to a few faces, especially those who got to have a practice drive, and it looks a lot better than the 'raw' practice bot that has no cover, with the cover it looks a lot more robot like. Maybe he'll make an appearance at the Robot Club, who knows?

Chompalot Facebook Page, Group & Twitter A/C

25/02/2016 - We've recently set up a Twitter account and Facebook page as you can see in the sidebar, feel free to give us a like or a follow if you're so inclined :) We've also set up a Facebook group Chompalot & Friends where we post updates and run competitions with friends, family and fans. If you're on Facebook and want to be a member then ask to join the group.

Robot Wars Is Coming Back!

20/01/2016 - Back in January 2016 the news broke in the public domain that Robot Wars was finally coming back to TV. It must have been a slow news day because we got a phonecall from the Derby Evening Telegraph asking Debs what we thought about the show coming back. Like all Robot Wars fans and our fellow roboteers we're very excited, and yes if we got a chance we'd say yes, but we rather doubt they want old robots that have been on the show before!

The Story appeared under the Headline "Robot Wars: Derby couple who appeared in original series would love to do battle again in new show!" The photos used were provided by us, but we never for any credit for them, pffft!