This glorious "Doyenne of Witches" was originally known as 'Witchbot', then back in 2006, Debs made a bold move and contacted the publisher of the late, great Terry Prachett to ask for permission for us to call our mechanoid robot 'Granny Weatherwax'. The publisher contacted Terry who promptly contacted Debs and he gladly gave his permission and blessing on condition that we got rid of the green hair she had at the time and gave her a hair colour more befitting Mistress Weatherwax, which we did, once we'd got over the shock that PTerry himself had replied! :)

Granny's first venture out of the Discworld was an outing to Dublin back in January 2007, when she visited the BT Young scientist exhibition at the Royal Dublin Society. Granny has eyes that give her customary penetrating gaze, when she is practicing her own brand of 'headology'. Her eyes follow you around the room, alternating between blue and red, dependant on how much she is feeling 'Good' or how well she thinks you are behaving at the time, the creedo is "Don't do what you will, do what I tells you." or suffer the consequences.

Granny as most of her avid respecters will know has very few possessions in the world, but we pushed our luck and luckily she accepted our offering of a wand, but only because unlike traditional wands this one isn't a shiny trinket, instead it dispenses measured amounts of Good and Bad (it squirts water at passers-by) and a plasma ball that doesn't exactly allow you to see the future, but it has a strange knack of distracting you whilst she gets in to your head!

Here she is in action at the Robots of Destruction event in Dublin in 2006.