Dreadnaut XP1 came in to our possession in 2005 when Simon bought him for the princely sum of £31.00! What we got for our money was the body, base frame, front shield and forks, no internal workings. Simon's original intention was to fix Dreadnaut up and take him out on the road again, when we thought about it however, we decided that maybe it would be better to keep him as a piece of Robot Wars history so he didn't take any more damage.

The base frame is from the original robot built for the 1st wars and was rebuilt each year for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th wars. The body is made from GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) as is the front shield, the forks are mild steel and the base frame is a composite of steel tube and block board. Dreadnaut was powered by 2 wheelchair motors and when complete it weighed 77.6Kg, the weight limit for the Wars in 2000 was 80kg (now 110kg in 2016), Dreadnaut had dimensions of 0.45 x 1.15 x 0.90m and its weapon was a set of lifting forks, which, for series 4 were described as being more powerful but not as fast as before, the aim of the weapon was to "skewer and lift the opponents".

Over the years, Dreadnaut has had a few variations in spelling of his name, but the version we own appeared in Series 3 as Dreadnaught and in Series 4 as Dreadnaut XP1, although on the on the show's Statistics sheet they wrote the name as Dreadnaut XP-1, whilst the robot caption on screen whilst in the pits read Dreadnaut XP1.

One of the original owners Ken Feltwell said that the XP stood for "Experimental Prototype 1" when asked by Julia Reed. Ken formed the team The Blade Runners along with Dave Vowles (Ken's brother-in-law). The photo to the left is a screen capture of Ken with Dreadnaut showing what it looked like before the battles. So shiny!

In series 4 Dreadnaut was seeded No.29, and in Heat G: Melee 2, he battled against Warhog and Dark Destroyer. During the melee Warhog did damage to the front right hand corner of Dreadnaut, and from there it got worse, Matilda cut right through the body in some places with her chain saw, Shunt's axe put some holes in it and Sir Killalot swung it around the arena using its spike, flinging the body shell one way and the innards the other.

Despite the damage Dreadnaut went through to the next round where he met Thermidor in Heat G: Battle 4, a rather short battle for Dread, as it was all over for him after just 57 seconds, the rest of the time was the house robots once again carving up poor Dreadnaut. To be fair he had lost drive on one side and never really moved, which was down to accumulated damage from Warhog in the previous fight and Sir Killalot. Dread was retired from Robot Wars after series 4 and stayed with Ken until we bought him in 2005. You can view a video of this fight on YouTube.

Dreadnaut XP1 is currently on loan to Derby Silk Mill Museum of Making (March 2016 - Current Date).