We've both been fans of Robot Wars since the first episode of series 1 began in 1998. Back then Debs lived in Manchester and Simon lived in Derby, both of us were, and are Sci-Fi geeks who read stories like Asimov's iRobot and dreamed of the day robots would be everywhere.

Getting to be a part of the original series of Robot Wars, was a dream come true for both of us. Taking part in the show and meeting some of our robot heroes and heroines was a privilege, many of them turned in to good friends, like the late Alan Gribble of Pussycat. Meeting him was the highlight of the Iron Maidens competition for Debs, beating Pussycat was something we'd never imagined would happen in our wildest dreams, we were very lucky, but more so for making some new life long friends.

When you watch the show, those of you that have never taken part only see one side of Robot Wars. The roboteers are one huge family who look out for each other and help each other out, you couldn't wish for a nicer bunch of people to be around, until you're in the arena that is lol!

We've made some wonderful friends over the years in the pits and out of them, many of which we are still friends with today, even Mike Lambert :p

Over time we'll be adding a selection of photos and memories to this page, photos from inside the pits at Extreme II and series 6 as well as other events we've been to. We also have some more memorabilia to share, including a piece of the original Robot Wars arena floor signed by Craig Charles and Phillippa Forrester.

One of Debs favourite memories is from 2005 Robots of Destruction event in Dublin, where not only did we become the ROD champions of that year, beating some exceptional robots including BEAST, Behemoth, King B, Bigger Brother, Revolution, 4 x 4, Saint Agro and Ewe II.

We also got to be in the arena with Chaos II, George Francis got a flip or two on us, but we survived. Whenever Debs hears the Foo Fighters song "All My Life" she's taken back to that event because it was the song they played during our arena battles for the event.

The line "Done, done, on to the next one. Done I'm done and I'm on to the next one" always brings back the feeling of winning one fight and moving on to the next one, sung with a roboteer attitude.