The story of Buoyant began back in 2000 when James and Simon were watching Robot Wars, when the series ended it was replaced by Techno Games which Simon thought looked like fun and something he could do with James who was 8 at the time.

Over to Simon... "After a quick sketch, I searched around for the necessary components and made a start. I soon came to realise that I needed a lathe to be able to make some of the parts in the design and £500 later, I was the proud owner of a jolly little machine which I could now never imagine being without. After creating the chassis and machining the top hat like washers for the gears to run on I left things for a while, tinkering every now and again.

Then I met Debs who became project manager and things began to progress. When it came to Buoyant's body work she suggested that we drink lots of her favourite cider which happened to come in grey metallic effect plastic bottles, and so it was that Buoyant got a great body shell and we got completely legless in the process. The last few bits took a while, because it meant spending more money. The motor controllers were £30 each although I'm sure I could have got them cheaper, but at the time the place I bought the motors from was the only model shop around."

To read more about the evolution of Buoyant see his Evolution page and the Techno Games and UK Robotic Games pages that can be navigated to via the sub-menu above.

Buoyant Evo 3 is currently on loan to Derby Silk Mill Museum of Making (March 2016 - Current Date).