Team Cookie Monsters

3D Printing

Simon first became interested in 3D Printing whilst he was doing his degree in engineering, he had to build a machine as part of his course work to test 3D printed material samples. His first machine was a Mendel RepRap which he found to be a tad troublesome, so it fell into disuse and then was sold on and it went quiet on the 3D printing front.

Having realised the potential though for printing parts for a huge number of applications, primarily driven by the idea of printing a scale model of a Submarine Scout Balloon and then a Zeppelin for a collegue at work. Simon revisited the 3D printer and built a Prusa i3, which was a lot more successful, possibly due to the better hot ends available for the extruders, but still had some teething problems.

After a while he built another Prusa i3 but this time printing all the 3D printable parts himself, this enabled him to make modifications to the first Prusa without interrupting the ability to print and without having to buy replacement parts.

So to date he has a part built Delta printer, a Rostock Mini Pro, again built with parts printed on the first Prusa printer, as well as the 2 Prusa i3's. The Rostock will soon be activated and ready to continue producing the ever growing army or 3D printers.

Other projects using the 3D printer include a Fallout 3 Laser Pistol (yet to be completed), Doctor Zarkov's Rocket Ship (from Flash Gordon), a K9 and TARDIS, holders for mobile phones, cat shaped cookie cutters and a clock!

Making cool toys is fun, but it also occured to us that we could print bits for Chompalot, such as new eyebrows to go with the new style eyes we've been working on and a crest for the new style head. 3D printed parts have also made their way into the driving practice robot, and Granny Weatherwax's head for better mounting of the circuit boards, and of course there is the small working Chompalot that Simon has printed the parts for and put together, it can be driven pretty much like his bigger brother as well.